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Prizes and Incentives

Each year, the Club honors exceptional achievement on the part of its members. The following categories are acknowledged:


How is the Series Managed?

The points allocated at an event are managed by the Event Host. Overall scores are managed by the Pointz Whizzard.

Event Host Role

Pointz Whizzard Role

Chief Executive Fat Ass and Steering Committee Role


Event Participation (determined by Event Host)
Participate in a CFA event+1
Register for an event two (2) or more days in advance+1
Sign up and do not show up-1
Bonus Points during Event (determined by Event Host)
Time in the Great Outdoors
  • For each hour of running/walking and being out there during an event. These points are intended to recognize the slower folks and those who run a long way. Points are determined from finish results.
  • First 0-29 mins = 0 points, then 30-59 mins = 0.5 points; 0.5 points for any hour started after that.
  • Swimming events count double, cycling events count for half.
  • Note: Participants have seven (7) days to get times/distances to Event Host in order to get these points!
+0.5 per hour
Exceptional conduct during the run (as determined by Event Host)
  • Positive points: Being environmentally conscious, volunteering and otherwise being a good member of the community (i.e. picking up garbage on the trail, helping a lost lamb, tending to the wounded, etc)
  • Negative points: Causing grief for an Event Host
+1 or -1
Event Hosting (need to request from Pointz Whizzard)
Host a scheduled event+1

Points Series FAQ

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