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How to join the Facebook group

Our Online Clubhouse is a Facebook Group. While you don't need to have a Facebook account to be a Club Member, it will probably be easier to keep up with us if you do.

If you're happy with not getting muddy and sweaty, and you're not quite ready to become a full-time Club Member, you're most welcome to just hang out with muddy and sweaty members in the Online Clubhouse.

Join the FB Grouplaunch.

How to sign up as a Club Member

Looking to get outdoors and participate in events with like-minded people? With over 25 events on the Events Calendarlaunch: It's only $25 for the year! (and free for children under 18)

If you'd like to participate in Club Events in 2024 (if you join from October 1st, you get all of 2025 too), please answer all of the following questions and tick all of the acknowledgment boxes. After you click "Submit", you will go to a PayPal screen. A confirmation receipt will be sent to you at the email address you enter on this application.

Want to encourage your friends or employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle by gifting them a membership? Contact Us!

Where does my money go?

CFA is run by volunteers and we use our budget to cover legal expenses, event expenses, permits, technology, and it pays for food and drinks at the annual VIP Party (Want to be invited? Host an Event). We also support our local community through charity donations. We have more budget details in the FAQ, or you can attend our Annual Meeting every year in March.

Pick an event to register for. If you're not yet a member, this form will also ask you to sign up for the Club. Or just become a member now, and pick an event later.
The club uses this email address to send a confirmation message and to send a couple of membership renewal reminders at the end of the next year. We will not share this email address with third parties.