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Congrats to Chris Elliott... the 1,000th member of Club Fat Ass!

The Club came into being in 2003 when Sibylle Tinsel and I were nursing a bottle of wine and watching the sun go down. We figured it was about time to have a party, but needed a theme, so we hosted the first Capilano Canyon Night Run the next weekend. That was so much fun, we lumped it together with the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 under the banner of "free" and called it a club. That was at least 200 events ago. Who woulda thought?

Congrats, Chris. 'Nice runnin' with you at the Spaghetti Trees run on Saturday. I think you need a Club t-shirt. Message me with your address and we'll send you one for free (assuming we have one in your size, and I think we do.)

The vision of the Club has always been for members to host free, low-key events for other members. The thing is, someone has to take the initiative to organize things. So on this momentous occasion of welcoming our 1,000th member, I'd like to thank past and current Steering Committee members and especially all of the Event Hosts for their community spirit and leadership over the past 12 years. Just think... if all 1,000 members were to host a Club Fat Ass run every year, we'd change the world!

Wear your Club colors with pride, Chris... and happy trails to all 999 other Club members!
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Run Report & Results for Spaghetti Trees 12/18+ km trail run along Coast trail in East Sooke Regional Park

A fantastic year for Spaghetti Trees! With 70 people registered at one point (60 confirmed and 10 on the wait list), I admit I was nervous about how the trails / parking lot / neighbours would feel about our "takeover" of this quiet little spot... But with the inevitable last-few-days cancellations, we ended up with 46 starters and it felt Just Right. Weather cooperated beautifully, not too hot, sun kept peeking through the clouds and the real rain held off 'til we were done. We had runners from all over the Island and Lower Mainland, great to see so many make the trek out to this gorgeous spot!

With lots of runners everyone had the chance to run with someone for a while, or take off on their own for some solitude. And / or some getting lost...

Often on a CFA run you're finishing on your own to an empty parking lot but this year it just worked out that almost everyone was cheered in - our first Short and Long course finishers came in at 1h38 (Courtney Post) and 2h00 (Ian Saari) to cheers from your Event Host Katie and Richard's mum with her amazing cowbell (from a real cow in Saskatchewan!). After that it was a fairly constant stream of everyone, lots of smiles, lots of "I got SO lost! But this guy helped me", a few small injuries. Our final finishers rocked up at 3h36.

As we were tidying up our surprise aid stations, we met the Victoria Hash House Harriers setting off on their run. They were most pleased to be asked, "Are you with Club Fat Ass?" to which they replied by showing us their lovely bottoms :)

Everyone either signed out or called to let me know they were done so I wasn't worried about anyone left out on the trail - hooray! (No small feat with 46 runners and a Rather Large Park)

We had a smaller-than-expected group of about 20 people at the pub afterwards, but lots of fun sharing stories of getting lost, singing the song that was going through your head all day (from "Ring of Fire" to "Om Mani Padme Om"!), giving out prizes and meeting new friends.

For any participants who aren't already part of the Club Fat Ass group on Facebook: that's the best way to stay informed about upcoming events - go to the group page and click "Join". There are lots of events coming up as we come into major running season! Joining the group is also the best way to find out when registration for Spaghetti Trees opens next year so you don't miss out! (I personally don't really "do" Facebook, but I have a special account just for Club Fat Ass stuff which works out well)

Thank you a million to Carolyn, Christina & Frank for helping with aid stations, everyone who helped put up & take down the tent (including that random guy in the parking lot at 11am), and to Bridge Brewing Company, Thrifty Foods Colwood, Frontrunners Shelbourne and 17 Mile House Pub for supporting our run.

Thanks again everyone who came out & participated! See you next year :)


Your time might be off by 30min - the sign-out sheet wasn't clear whether you should record clock time or run time - I'll fix that for next year!

If your Distance is recorded as "Custom" that means you maybe got a bit lost :)

If you're a member of the Club Fat Ass Facebook group, Frank will be recording your points (1 for coming, +1 for signing up early, -1 if you cancelled less than 2 days prior or didn't show up, extra points earned for collecting trash / helping out / showing great spirit / etc.)

Aleisha Connorton Long 3h06
Amanda Crawford Long 3h06
Andrew Thompson Long 2h30
Brian Fairfield-Carter Long 3h01
Brittany Carey Custom (22km) 3h23
Carlos Castillo Long 3h16
Carolyn Goluza Long 2h20ish
Christina Smith Long 3h27
Courtney Post Short 1h38
David Marlor Long 3h12
Desmond Mott Long 2h29
Ean Jackson Long 2h22
Elliot Brady Long 2h37
Elliott Martineau Custom 3h16
Emily Ross Short 2h00
Erin Mossop Long not recorded
Franck Germain Long 2h55
Frank Wimberley Long 2h22
Gary Duncan Custom 2h13
Heather Afford Long 2h55
Heather Bretschneide Long 2h55
Ian Saari Long 2h00
Jamie Covey Long 3h26
Jeff Millar Long 3h16
Jennifer Smith Long 3h05
Jordan Eamer Long 2h50
Kathleen Birney Long 3h00
Kathy Pantalon Short 2h21
Lindsey Millar Long 3h05
Lisa Large Long 2h27
Lisa Leclerc Short 2h27
Lynn Cole Long 3h10
Matt Payie Long 2h18
Megan Slee Short 3h05
Melinda Powell Short 2h21
Mike Gottenbos Long 2h25
Pam Stephen Long 3h36
Rafael Albert Long 2h23
Richard Hoffmeyer Long 2h25
Richard Parker Long 3h12
Ryan-James Adam Short 2h06
Sandy Thompson Long 3h16
Sara Erickson Long 3h27
Sarah Malerby Short 3h05
Sarah-Mae Adam Short 2h06
Spencer Sheinin Long 2h35
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You win some, you lose some. And sometimes Vertigo takes you on a whole new route. My legs went on an extended journey on today's Spaghetti Tree Race, put on by Club Fat Ass. Racing through the pines, passing the coal mines - sometimes the runner's high takes you to a runners low once you realize you've ran 4km over the race distance and off the map. Fret not, as long as you keep moving, you're going somewhere. Dizzy by the sea, amongst the arbutus trees, I trekked back on track and forgoe'd the map. Finishing the race with a sweaty smile, enjoying the adventure every mile, in natures hands, every relentless hill made today's scenic journey worthwhile. ... See MoreSee Less

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Spaghetti Trees 2015 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey CFA, just another quick plug about the The Trail Running Film Festival -- Vancouver, BC. Ticket sales are going surprisingly fast and we may even sell out this week.

You can get your tickets here:
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