Don’t let the name fool you… we’re a running club.  This Club is free to join and most of our events are free, too!  

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Update about Fisherman'sTrail and Bottletop closures. ... See MoreSee Less

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Just about time to reflect on 2014 and think about resolutions for 2015.

I would like to invite you to consider kick starting the new year by participating in the
Winter Vertical Challenge:
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Hi guys!! Can you tell me where to meet for this weekends run on the Baden Powell trail ? Deep cove? But where please, I'm new to the area. Thanks sooo much. Is it a 9am start and do I have to register ? ... See MoreSee Less

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Last night's Sankt Nikolaus Run and Social was the perfect way to end a busy week. 6 runners and 4 walkers assembled under an eerie full moon at the Yellow Beacon.
This was a group run and thankfully everybody was kind enough to keep the pace comfortable. It is always helpful when the slowest person is the only one who knows the route.
The run weaved through the Edgemont and Forest Hills neighbourhood, past beautifully (and some gaudy) decorated houses and light displays. While most of us only sported headlamps and reflective gear, Patricia wore a jingling elf's hat (driving her batty and deaf), Catherine had donned a Santa hat, but missed the big beard and belly to be taken serious and David stole the show with a string of colourful lights draped around him. It was good to see the young ones out, too. Hannah showed beautiful style and ease, as did Marc's very little ones, who were undecided if they wanted to be runners, skaters or walkers.

Initially there were some complaints that the course was "so flat", but after chugging up Sunset Boulevard, we all felt that we earned those post run cookies and Glühwein.

Out of Action Jackson greeted the runners back at the Yellow Beacon with a roaring fire, steaming Glühwein and and assortment of Christmas baking, including Patricia's mistake melt in the mouth cookies, Catherine's famous chocolate chip clusters, the yummiest biscotties I've tasted in a while, German Stollen, Hutzelbrot, jam cookies and gingerbread. Thank you everybody for contributing.

You can see our course here:
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Here are the results of today's Seymour Super Fun Run (see below or here for and Excel file:

It was indeed a super fun run with some fresh snow on the trails and a sparkly blue sky. We had 36 runners out on the trails today. There were a few no shows (added to the list below, in case you were out, but didn't sign-in - and a gentle reminder to be courteous and remove yourself from the guest list if you are not planning to make an appearance)

There are a few times missing, please post here or msg me and I will add:

Name Distance Time FB Registration Status Notes
Carlie Smith 27km 2:54 Going
Joe Lawton 27km 2:54 Day Of Event Registration 54km?
Marc Schmitz 27km 2:54 Going
Jeff Pelletier 27km 2:55 Maybe
Michael Forbes 27km 2:56 Going
David Lee 27km 2:59 Going
Erik Bjorklund 27km 2:59 Going
Tim Blair 27km 3:03 Day Of Event Registration
Eric Rannaud 27km 3:05 Going
Troy Tucker 27km 3:20 Going
Brice Ferre 27km 3:25 Going
Hilary M 27km 3:25 Going
Avery Gottfried 27km 3:26 Going
Noel Roy 27km 3:26 Maybe
Bill Maurer 27km 3:30 Going
Craig Slagel 27km 4:45 Day of Event Registration
Kris Duncan 27km 4:45 Day of Event Registration
Brian Zonailo 27km ? Going
Lorin Bourassa 27km ? Going
May Ann McLennan 27km ? Day Of Event Registration
Kyla Fox 27km ? Day Of Event Registration

Reuben Meikle 12km 1:15 Day Of Event Registration
Aileen Tien 12km 2:00 Going
Laddie Hannam 12km 2:33 Maybe
Penny Jakobsen 12km 2:33 Maybe
Doris Leong 12km 2:50 Going
Glenn Cameron 12km 3:00 Day Of Event Registration
Tamarack Hockin 12km 3:20 Going
Pat Barry 12km 3:46 Day Of Event Registration
Sibylle Tinsel 12km 3:46 Going
Mike Wardas Custom 3:50 Going
Frank Wimberley Custom 16.1 2:18 Going
Lisa Kusunoki Custom 16.1 2:18 Day Of Event Registration
Noel Hernadez Custom 16.1 2:18 Day Of Event Registration
Desmond Mott Custom 16.1 2:20 Going
Nicolaas Kuit Custom 16.1 2:18 Going

The following runners might be forced to wear a dunce hat at the next CFA event ;-)

Aaron Griffith DNS
Adrienne Stedford DNS
Al Bushby DNS
Bassim Saade DNS
Chris Thorn DNS
Galina Udovichenko DNS
Gemma M. SlaughterDNS
Harry Kettmann DNS
Heather Reichert DNS
Jenny Grimes DNS
Joel Hernandez DNS
Michelle Nicholson DNS
Oliver Bibby DNS
Sarah Carter DNS
Ward Beemer DNS
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